One Crazy Night…

So, let me tell you about our night last night! I took a Tylenol Cold & Sinus PM after lunch on Sunday and slept till 5:30 or so. Then we went outside and did a little raking and started a small leaf fire. No big deal, right?!

Well, around 7pm, the firemen show up, truck and all, and ask us to put it out. Apparently, you’re not allowed to burn after 3pm, and you need a permit. So, just a warning, but we hosed it out, and all was good. (A neighbor had called it in.)

About 4AM, we got ANOTHER knock on the door/doorbell ringing. We were afraid the fire had rekindled, but that was NOT the case.

Police officer this time. Wanted to inform us that we were one of four cars in the neighborhood that had been broken into. Fortunately, they caught the guy just around the corner and we were able to get everything back!

Apparently, we hit the wrong button when we tried to lock our car after church, so it was unlocked, and consequently broken into. At least they didn’t damage the vehicle. But, boy, did I feel stupid.

After finally getting home around 5 am (with a sinus headache by now, mind you), and falling back asleep around 6, the alarm went off at 6:30, and I groaned, “No way!” So I sent an email to my boss and took a half day personal, getting into the office about noon. Woke up about 9, ate breakfast and went on a short walk with Bryan, then came in to work. The fresh air definitely helped my sinuses too.

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