A Simple Kind of Christmas

Just taking a moment to blog. I’m enjoying my simple Christmas. It’s always hard to wait till December to use my vacation time, but it’s always worth it to take two full weeks off of work in a row. We spent Friday night and Saturday morning with Bryan’s parents and brother and sister-in-law, exchanging gifts, eating ham and fixin’s for an early Christmas dinner, and sharing breakfast at a great little dive in Pickens, Auntie Ann’s! Delicious bacon! And you can get a waffle for $2!

I packed up all my little gift baskets. I ended up making cranberry bbq sauce, cranberry syrup (for teas and ciders), sugared cranberries, a sweet & spicy rub, citrus salt, French sugar (sugar with vanilla bean and herb de provence), fudge buttons (from dates, cashews and cocoa), and cinnamon pancake mix. I was going to make chocolate dipped figs, but ended up just giving the kids a bag of figs and a bar of chocolate so they can do it themselves or eat them separately. Everything was a lot of fun and not too hard to make. So far the gifts have gone over really great. Can’t wait to hand out my last few on Christmas day!

We had to simplify Christmas this year, due to budget constraints, and it turned out being really fun. I found little baskets at Old Time Pottery for less than $1.50 each and I found ribbon at Wilson’s Five and Dime. UGA for Bryan’s family and OSU for mine (go Bucks!). Instead of tissue paper, I had some old red and white Christmas napkins with snowflakes on them. They worked perfectly to decorate the packages, and they matched the ribbons. After all, Christmas isn’t about the gifts we get or receive; it’s about the greatest gift of Jesus!

This morning, I woke up and there was snow falling! Bryan had built a fire in Grandma’s fire place, which she and I both loved! I miss the snow! It’s just so beautiful! Hoping I get to see at least one bright red cardinal in the snow. It always reminds me of the blood of Christ poured out to cover our sins and wash us white as snow. Beautiful in so many ways.

We had lunch with my dad and brother. And now we wait for the rest of the family to arrive. The Christmas tree is up and Foundation Brass Christmas is playing in the background. Mom’s signing last minute cards and I’m typing. I’m enjoying the chance to just rest and trying to resist the urge to keep myself busy. It’s a life-pattern that I’ve fallen into and am desperately trying to overcome. So, this Christmas, our goal is to rest, read, enjoy family, eat good (while still healthful) food, and be still. I’m enjoying the little things, like walking through shops, even if I don’t buy anything, looking at all the Christmas decorations, watching the squirrels gather their cracked corn in the white blanket on the ground, and long talks in the family room. I love the simple life. I want to live a simple, quiet life. I want to help people and make people smile.

Speaking of smiling, I just found out that one of my dear friends who has not been able to have children for several years is finalizing an adoption tonight! Praise be to God! And Merry Christmas! They have prayed and waited for this day for so long!

Now, it’s time for me to pick up my book and read with inordinate amounts of coffee at my disposal. Merry Christmas! And keep it simple!

Enjoying the journey, Melissa

4 responses to “A Simple Kind of Christmas

  1. Thanks you Melissa for this blog. I agree, the simple life is the most satisfying (at least for me it is 🙂 I hope you get much needed rest and love with your family. Hugs to Bryan and wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas celebration! Always my love. MomKinnon

  2. Merry Christmas! Hope you guys have a nice time with your family.

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