The Week Before Christmas…

It’s the week before Christmas and there isn’t anything quiet about this house. But it will be worth it all come Friday when I get off early and don’t go back to work until after New Year’s! So, I work during the day, then I come home and do one of a few things: work on Christmas gifts (homemade this year), training my personal trainer clients (twice a week), helping a friend make jewelry, or church activities. I enjoy all of these things, but I am ready for some much needed R&R.

Things I plan to do on vacation:

  1. Spend time with family
  2. Sleep in
  3. Read “Green” by Ted Dekker
  4. Finish “The China Study”
  5. Exercise for at least 1 hour every day
  6. Blog more!
  7. Have “dates” with God
  8. Maybe get my recipe collection typed up on my computer
  9. Go to a friend’s wedding (Love you, Meg!)
  10. Listen to “Ender’s Game,” etc. (audio books)

Tonight, I plan on helping a friend with jewelry, watch the Biggest Loser finale, and eating dinner with my man. He made chicken corn chowder with mushrooms and carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting from scratch! AND he did laundry and dishes! Yep, he’s pretty much the best.

2 responses to “The Week Before Christmas…

  1. Sounds like so much fun Mel!! I hope you have an awesome break, you deserve it so much!

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