Long Week & Other Ramblings…

It’s been a long week, or month rather. It started with a severe allergic reaction when we helped a couple pack up their basement (friend of a friend side job thing). They failed to mention that they had a large dog, 5 cats!, dust and black mold! We worked from 9am to 2pm and I had a splitting headache by the time we left. The allergies continued until finally last week, they settled into my chest in the form of bronchitis. Fortunately, I was able to get an antibiotic (a last resort for me, since I hate taking medications of any kind if at all possible), and I am feeling a TON better. I prefer using natural remedies for maladies, but this one just wasn’t going away and I am thankful for the prescription.

Thanksgiving was a great time with both sides of the family. And we’re looking forward to spending Christmas with family too. We finally got the tree up on Saturday night. It’s so pretty! I’ll try to post pictures soon. I’m glad we decided to go ahead and put it up. I just wasn’t in the Christmas mood. I don’t know if it’s because of being so hectic, because I’ve been feeling yucky, or because it’s been too warm to feel like December. But it’s finally cold, I feel better, and life is beginning to calm down.

I can’t blog at work anymore (yep, new policy, even if I’m sitting front desk and there’s nothing to do but watch Fox News). Oh, well. Anyway, my posts have been less frequent because almost every evening has been taken up between 2 nights of personal training, 1-2 nights of church, trying to work on household and jewelry projects, and prepping for Christmas…not that I’m complaining about ANY of those things. I enjoy them all. I am just looking forward to two weeks off work where I can do that kind of stuff without being tired out from the day.

In the meantime, I took my next step to simplifying and logged out of Facebook and Twitter indefinitely. Not saying I won’t go back ever or try to connect with a friend via those methods occasionally. I just don’t want it to be a lifeline or an addiction. And I don’t need them. Instead of catching up on the last FB gossip, I started reading The China Study in the evenings. I curl up on the couch with a cup of hot tea and switch back and forth between reading and staring at the twinkle lights on the tree. It’s a good book so far, though very much a science book. I’m thankful for the science classes I had in college and this last summer at Greenville Tech as a refresher. Currently, I’m in part 1, and it’s talking about the biological connection between high protein diets and chronic illnesses. I have plenty of family members who struggle or struggled with cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, obesity, ulcers, etc. I think most people have this kind of stuff in their family history. And if there’s a way to reduce my risks, I’m going to do my best to do so. Ultimately, God is still in control. But I’m going to do my part as a good steward of His temple, my body. So, I try to eat right, stay active, exercise my mind and refresh my spirit on a regular basis. It seems that lowering the protein intake could help reduce the risk of some or all of these chronic diseases.

So, I’ll keep reading and keep you posted…hoping to finish the book over Christmas break (as well as get in some more blogging). I have a new cookbook idea in the works too, so I’m playing with figuring out the layout and testing my recipes.

Do you have any suggestions for books to read over Christmas break?! Let me know…

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