Biggest Loser Inspired Thanksgiving Dinner

The following recipes were created by Chef Curtis Stone. The meal plan serves 12. For the full recipes, visit the Biggest Loser site at by clicking here.

Herb Crusted Grilled Turkey Breast (I reduced the serving to 4 oz. instead of 8 in the nutrition facts below.)

Creamy Mushroom Sauce (I reduced the serving size to 1/4 c. instead of 1/2 c. in the nutrition facts below.)

Leek and Celery Stuffing (I reduced the serving size to 1/2 c. instead of 1 c. in the nutrition facts below.)

Roasted Root Vegetables with Mandarin and Thyme (1/12 of recipe)

Green Beans with Pomegranate and Garlic (1/2 c. green beans and 1 Tbsp. pomegranate arils – see comments below for my recipe idea, since it wasn’t posted on the nbc website)

Pecan Crusted Caramelized Apple Crisp (1/12 of recipe)

4 responses to “Biggest Loser Inspired Thanksgiving Dinner

  1. For Green Beans with Garlic and Pomegranate, I would recommend steaming 6 cups of fresh green beans, then tossing with 3 cloves minced garlic and 1/2 c. of pomegranate arils. Serves 12 (nutrition above).

    Another option would be to saute the green beans in 2-3 tsps. of olive oil with the 3 cloves of minced garlic. Remove the green beans with a slotted spoon and place in a serving dish. Then add 3 Tbsp. of pomegranate or cranberry juice to the remaining garlic oil and simmer. Pour over cooked green beans and sprinkle with the 1/2 c. of pomegranate arils to serve.

  2. Thanks for giving your version of the Green Bean w/Pomegranate recipe from the Biggest Loser Curtis Stone Thanksgiving meal. I didn’t pay enough attention to reconstruct it myself. I can’t wait to try the whole menu!

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