Random Thoughts

It’s been a busy few weeks and I’m currently struggling with allergies. With Bryan leaving his job, we’re looking for photography gigs and random work for him, which included us helping a couple pack up their kitchen and basement in preparation for a big move. Unfortunately, they forgot to warn us that they had a large dog and 5 cats (not to mention the dust and mold in the basement). Needless to say, I didn’t know to take my allergy meds ahead of time and am now suffering. At least we got paid for it.

Just wanted to share a few random photos I thought you might enjoy…

This time last year, I had my first skiing experience. Bryan was in his element. I, on the other hand, started the extremely long day by falling off the ski lift. I gave it a valiant effort and decided to leave the skiing to Bryan.

The Dating Years: Bowling, 2004

The Dating Years: Our First Christmas Together, 2004

Pier at Charleston Harbor, 2008

One response to “Random Thoughts

  1. 😦 so sorry about the allergies. love and hugs

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