Book Review by Jonathan Matias: Relationships – A Mess Worth Making

Title: Relationships–A Mess Worth Making
Authors: Tim Lane and Paul David Tripp
Publisher: New Growth Press
ISBN: 978-0-9770807-6-2
Pages: 180

Summary of the Book
Growing relationships with others often doesn’t seem worth the likelihood of hurt, rejection, and conflict. But building relationships is at the core of how Christ calls you to live since he has redeemed you. God makes his people more like Jesus by putting them into relationship with others. And He intends to use you to minister hope and change to others by speaking and living out the gospel as you forge friendships with Christians and non-Christian. To this end, Relationships – A Mess Worth Makingshows you how to make the most of your friendships, for the sake of Christ.

Overview of the Book
In chapters 1 to 6, Tim Lane and Paul Tripp lay out the case from Scripture for cultivating relationships with people around you, both those who seem lovable and unlovable. They don’t want you to miss the truth that Jesus died to put you into community.

Chapter 1 – The Shortest and Most Important Chapter of This Book
Chapter 2 – Why Bother?
Chapter 3 – No Options
Chapter 4 – Sin
Chapter 5 – Agendas
Chapter 6 – Worship

Chapters 7 to 15 demonstrate how to forge friendships that serve the kingdom of God. Also, Lane & Tripp address common roadblocks such as conflict and disagreements that, at first, put a damper on your friendships, but, in fact, are avenues God intends to use to make you more like his Son.

Chapter 7 – Talk
Chapter 8 – Obstacles
Chapter 9 – Forgiveness
Chapter 10 – Hope
Chapter 11 – Burdens
Chapter 12 – Mercy
Chapter 13 – Time and Money
Chapter 14 – Provision
Chapter 15 – Moving Out

If you’re a Christian, God has called you to cultivate friendships with other believers so you can speak the gospel to each other. This book shows you how to do that with family members, co-workers, fellow church members, and others God has put in your life. This volume is also indispensable for church leaders, such as elders, for it gives a down-to-earth pattern to follow in shepherding the flock God has entrusted to you. Finally, if you are discipling someone and are wondering what to cover with them, Relationships–A Mess Worth Making is a worthwhile resource to read through together, to see God’s agenda for your lives.

Purchase the book here.

Jonathan Matías serves as pastor of Grace Church of Alexandriain Alexandria, VA.

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