Motivation by Baby Steps with Judy!

Along this journey of healthy living, I decided I wanted to become a personal trainer. I’ve taken a few courses at a local community college, done some self-study and am hoping to get my national certification from ACE within the next year. I also got connected with two wonderful ladies who were beginning their healthy lifestyle journey, Judy and Denise. We meet twice a week and weigh and measure once a week. We talk about healthy meal and snack choices and devote at least 30 minutes of the hour to a good workout routine.

Meet Judy. She just started a blog, “Baby Steps with Judy.” This week, she gave me a shoutout, and I just had to share it. I don’t share to brag on myself, but rather to encourage her and share with you all that anyone can live a healthy life. It’s just one baby step after another, one choice at a time. Here’s  one of Judy’s recent posts:

“One thing I have been asked quite a few times lately is where I am getting my motivation.  I have been on my health quest for almost 3 months now.  That’s almost 90 days.  In the 90 days I have thought about quitting maybe…I don’t know… 80 times!  But there are several things that keep me going.  One is my trainer She is constantly reminding me about why I am exercising, why I am avoiding my danger foods and why this will all be worth it.  I meet with her twice a week for a workout and for accountability.  We weigh in once a week and take all my measurements.  Often when we workout we are trying a new routine.  Variety is the best way to keep from getting bored with exercise.  She is great and I am lucky to have found her when I did.  Thanks Melissa!  I also asked several people to write a word of encouragement on index cards.  I keep those cards handy and take them out at times I am finding it difficult to get up and move and I am reminded that others care and want me to succeed.  The same goes for Facebook.  I post what I am doing or have accomplished and I get all kinds of encouragement.

“Another place I get my motivation is from my friends and family. When I started out I told everybody I know what I wanted to do.  Just knowing that someone will ask me how it’s going is enough to keep me on track. What would be worse than to tell someone I had quit!

“The third part of my motivation is results. I admit I have been discouraged with the slow pace of my weight loss.  But there are other parts to this.  I have great calf muscles now!  My legs have started to really shape up.  I notice that my chin seems to be tightening up.  It’s the little differences that add up.  I am able to walk faster and longer.  I don’t get winded going up one flight of stairs.  I take pride in the fact that I can hold a plank for a whole minute.  All these things make me want to see, do and accomplish even more.

“I think everyone gets their motivation from a different place.  Maybe journaling, writing down your goals, meditation or even a reward system (just not food rewards!) is what will work for you.  Find someone you trust who you can be accountable to.  Or go crazy like me and tell the world!!”

Thank you, Judy! Keep up the great work! I hope all my future clients are as great as you and Denise! After tonight’s session, Bryan told me I sounded like a motivational speaker. 🙂 Fun times! ~Melissa

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  1. That’s very cool!!

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