How would Solomon use Facebook?

Here are the key points. Read the full post by clicking the link below. Very helpful resource in this digital age.

“If Solomon were alive today and we were to ask him how we are to relate to one another in this digital world, if we were to ask him how we can honor God in our use of all these social media available to us today, here is how he might respond.”

1. Count to ten before posting, sharing, sending, submitting.
2. Leave the fool to his folly.
3. Expose folly.
4. Know when to walk away.
5. Be careful what you read.
6. Avoid the gossiper.
7. Be humble.
8. Mind your own business.
9. Don’t be a troublemaker.
10. Examine why you write.
11. Be careful what you teach.
12. Walk with the Lord.

We may never know for sure, but here are Tim Challies’ thoughts on how the book of Proverbs relates to our massive social media intake and output today. They’re good thoughts; be challenged by them. … Read More

via Omnis Spiritus

One response to “How would Solomon use Facebook?

  1. Thanks for the post Melissa. This is wise advice. It seems on facebook, that some people try to get friends to post comments about issues that are totally senseless and most often, misleading. We should not waste our time. Women especially need not to fall prey to being a “silly woman.”

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