Veggies and Venison!

Snack: I had a few cucumbers with some light ranch dip before my personal trainer session tonight.

Dinner: Venison Cubed Steaks, dipped in Italian Panko and pan-seared with mushrooms and garlic, steamed broccoli and carrots, and fresh radishes with mint and feta. Yum! I never thought I’d be a fan of radishes. My grandfather always put them on his salads and I thought they were bitter and yucky, but try the with some sharp feta and fresh mint and it really is amazing! The feta also complimented the venison nicely.

Veggies + Venison = Victory

3 responses to “Veggies and Venison!

  1. looks amazing!

  2. That looks sooo good!!!

  3. Love radishes! Never thought to put them with feta! Yum!

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