Happy Rainy Monday!

The rain has finally returned! Thank goodness because our grass was dying. Yesterday was a wonderful rainy Sunday! We had a really good service and Sunday school in the a.m., then came home to havarti grilled cheese and tomato soup. I also had some coleslaw and whole berry cranberry sauce and some hot tea. Nothing like a cup of hot tea and a long nap to celebrate a rainy Sunday!

Later on, we went over and had dinner with Bryan’s mom and saw our nephews and niece. Then we went grocery shopping and stopped by Blockbuster to check out their previewed DVD sales. We ended up watching a movie and going to bed early. Bryan’s been working really long hours recently, so it was nice to finally spend some time together.

Breakfast was an organic peach and a package of oatmeal. Would you believe the organic peaches were 30 cents cheaper per lb. than the conventional peaches?! Organic, please! Lunch will be rotisserie chicken and sourdough bread. We’ll stock up on veggies for dinner! I’m thinking cauliflower sandwiches, steamed broccoli and carrots, and maybe some venison cubed steaks.

Happy Rainy Monday, y’all! By the way, check out new items and picture slideshow on the For Sale page of this blog.

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