Living Simply

I’ve recently been seeing a theme in some of the blog posts I’ve been reading.

The Zen Habits Blog is one I’ve been following a lot. One of the author’s sold all their possessions, including cars, and moved to an apartment in SanFrancisco, where they ride bikes or walk everywhere. Here’s a bit from a recent post:

“I’ve been finding that simplifying things means I can savor life more fully.

“Savoring life starts with a mindset. It’s a mindset that believes that excess, that rushing, that busy-ness, that distractedness, isn’t ideal. It’s a mindset that tries instead to:

    • simplify
    • do & consume less
    • slow down
    • be mindful & present
    • savor things fully

“It’s the little things that make life enjoyable: a walk with a loved one, a delicious book, a chilled plum, a newly blooming tree.

“And by simplifying, we can savor life to the fullest.”

Another blog I found through the Zen Habits blog is the Smaller Living Blog. Check out her Beginner’s Guide to Decluttering here for some great tips.

I also ran across an article about what The American Dream really means (hint: it’s not about huge houses and fancy cars – it’s about owning a small piece of the world that’s paid for and enjoying life to its fullest). It’s an interesting little PDF that doesn’t take long to peruse.

All this combined with my regular Scripture reading has added up to us deciding to sell a bunch of our stuff and live more simply. Our goal is to be able to pick up and move wherever and whenever God would have us to. So, I’ve posted a new page on this blog: the “For Sale!” page. Post a comment on the “For Sale!” page if you’re interested in anything. If you live near Taylors, SC, just pay and come pick it up, or I can meet you. If you live further away, I am willing to ship items at the purchaser’s expense.

Thanks for helping us on the journey to a simpler life!

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