Apple Picking Season

It’s National Apple Month, after all. If you live between the Upstate SC and Asheville, check out Sky Top Apple Orchards for a Pick Your Own Adventure! They have a wide variety of apples and other fruits, as well as locally grown honey, apple cider, and other apple treats. For directions, apple recipes, and tips on how to pick the best apples, check out their website here. They also have picnic areas, hayrides, and an animal farm for the kids! And you can’t beat the view! Personally, I can’t wait for October to get here: Pink Lady Apples are my favorite!

What’s in season, you ask? This helpful guide is available on Sky Top’s website:


Harvest Schedule


Best for

Sour Cherries Late July (By Appt) soft flesh; sour, tart

cobbler, pies, baking, snacking

Grapes Late August


Great for snacking
Asian Pear   August


extra crisp, juicy, slight honey flavor

slicing, salads – perfect substitute for honeycrisp

Honeycrisp August


round, crisp, mild honey flavor

snacks, salad, sauce

Gala Late August


crisp, firm, juicy, mild and sweet

Snacking, Pies and Salads

McIntosh (Macs) Late Aug/Early Sept


small, round, tender, juicy, aromatic, sweet

snacks, sauce, salads, sauce, graphic design

Red Delicious September


long with knobby ends; sweet, juicy

snacks and salads; not suited for cooking/baking

Golden Delicious September


elongated, slightly crisp, mild, sweet

all purpose – reduce sugar when using in pies

Cortland September


  round, sweet with hint of tart & tangy, slow to brown when cutsalads, kabobs, garnishes
Jonagold Mid September


crisp, juicy, sweet-tart

pies, baked desserts, sauces

Jonathon Mid September round, firm, spicy, sweet and crisp  sauces, snacks, salads, pies, applesauce
Mutsu / Crispin Mid September


cider, sauce, eating, Cooking
Blushing Gold Late September Tart, Pies
Ida Red Late September Large; firm texture, tangy, Similar to Jonathan

Snacks, Applesauce, Baking, All Purpose

Staymen October Tart, All Purpose
Cameo October round; extra crisp, sweet, hint of tart

all purpose, especially snacks, resists browning

Red Rome October perfectly round; crisp, somewhat tart

cooking, baking, sauteeing

Winesap October Tart, All Purpose
Granny Smith October extra crisp and very tart

cakes, pies, applesauce, winter keeping

Red Fuji October round, sweet, juicy, firm

all purpose especially snacks

Gold Rush Mid October Specialty
Pink Lady Mid October crunchy, sweet, tart

snacks, salad, baking

Arkansas Black Mid October Tart, Winter Keeping

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