A Few of My Favorite Things…from Indie Craft Parade

Last night was so much fun! After work, we had dinner at Coffee Underground, then headed over to the 1st Annual Indie Craft Parade! I could not believe how many people were there. In 3 hours, over 1400 people came! There were 77 vendors, all with extraordinary, hand-crafted items, from jewelry to kids clothing, from baked goods and handmade fine chocolates to hand sewn journals. It was fabulous!

And they had food vendors and live music! I couldn’t believe they didn’t charge an admission rate. The founders envision doing this for years and years to come and will possibly charge a $1-2 admission fee in the future, but this year they wanted it to be 100% free to really excite the community about these great local businesses. We stuck around for the raffle but sadly did not win anything. I did however score some finds. Here’s a glimpse of some of my favorite artists and their goods…

I bought this lovely little vintage bird pin from Erin Godbey of 17 Dove Street and mastermind hostess of the Indie Craft Parade! She’s one of the blogs I follow on a regular basis!

Vintage Bird Pin from 17 Dove Street - $4.

Then I bought this adorable little espresso mug from Katie Coston of Illyria and this delicious Cinnamon Chocolate Bread from Katie Gerdt.

Cinnamon Chocolate Babka, $5 - Hand-thrown Ceramic Mug, $12

Of course, I had to try out the mug this morning for breakfast, so I brewed a rich French Press of an Organic Peruvian blend and enjoyed it black. I also had a banana, and, no, I did not eat even a quarter of what was on the plate.

Breakfast: Organic Coffee, Cinnamon Chocolate Babka from Katie Gerdt and Apple Streudel from the Bavarian Pretzel Factory (one of the food vendors).

Here are a few of my other favorite artists’ sites (in alphabetical order by brand). Click the picture to be linked to the artist’s site.

Alice book with original art by Cory Godbey (husband of Erin of 17DoveStreet)

Just Between You and Me Necklace from http://www.cravestudio.etsy.com

Cork Garden Necklace by Jen Moreau of Fox to the Opera

All the Tea in China earrings by Involution Design

My friend Ben Kammer and I had a dream of opening a tea shop and pottery studio. It hasn't happened yet, but he's got the pottery thing going on the side now. He makes beautiful pottery!

Unique Kiln Fused Glass Creations by LeisaWorks

Vintage Garden Hoop Earrings by LilyPottery.com

Tea Towels by PonyandPoppy.com

Handcrafted Chocolate Bars by Sweeteeth

Farmers Market Bags by ThreeBadSeeds.com

Fatty the Whale by ThreeBadSeeds.com

Recipe Cards by Two Over Zero

The event is open until 5PM tonight at the Huguenot Mill behind the Peace Center in Greenville, SC. Check it out!


4 responses to “A Few of My Favorite Things…from Indie Craft Parade

  1. wow! thanks so much for the mention!

  2. you are so sweet! thanks for the mention.

    amy @ pony & poppy

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