Last Week in Review

I’m currently working on some rather large posts that I’m excited to share. More about that later. Last week was a trying week for us. Bryan was given some very difficult deadlines at work and had to work some incredibly late hours to try to meet them. Let’s put it this way, when we went to bed last Sunday night, his comment was, “Well, see you Saturday.” I’m not sure either of us made it to bed before midnight any night last week.

Meanwhile, I worked my day job and still tried to fit in some reading and workouts. I met with my personal trainer clients on Monday and Thursday night (these are bright spots in my week; I love helping people make healthful choices). Tuesday was an intense struggle with the lawn mower (and my attitude). Wednesday and Friday were gym nights. And Saturday and Sunday were rest days! Realistically, they were more like crash days. I did very little and slept a TON, catching up from the week, which is exactly what I needed.

Personally, I’ve been wrestling with whether or not I need to lose more weight. I’m healthier than I’ve been in years…maybe healthier than I’ve been ever. And yet I still weigh the same as I did a year ago. I have lost some inches and definitely toned up, and I’m pretty sure my body fat % has dropped as well. But the weight is the same. I’m about ready to throw my scale away, to be honest! I’m coming to grips with the fact that my healthy weight is slightly above the “normal” BMI and that doesn’t mean that I’m “overweight” regardless of the BMI chart. This has been a hard mental struggle. I’ve talked to several friends and my husband, of course, who have encouraged me to look at health and beauty from a biblical perspective. So I’ve been studying those topics in the Word and through various online references. It’s been an encouraging study. I started a post on the Biblical Perspective of Health & Beauty last Friday and quickly discovered that it would take at least two separate posts if not a whole series. So, if you’re wondering where I’ve been, I’m here. I’m just doing more thinking than blogging currently. It will pick up again. I promise.

Have a great night! And enjoy the journey!

One response to “Last Week in Review

  1. I vote throw away the scale!!! I hardly ever weigh myself anymore. I (try to at least) focus more on just being healthy and balanced and that the clothes still fit! 🙂 I weigh myself MAYBE once every 3-4 weeks now just to keep a check on things…but I think throwing it away is a great option! You are doing awesome!

    Okay, so maybe instead of throwing away, hide in the attic or shed or something for future use. 🙂 I used it lots after I had the little guy until I was back to my “happy weight.” Just a last minute thought there. 🙂

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