Who Says Mowing the Lawn Isn’t A Valid Workout?!

RoboMow! Wishing I had one of these tonight!

Before Bryan and I got married, we had several sessions of pre-marital counseling. It was great! I highly recommend it for every couple seeking marriage! One of our sessions, we discussed roles for each partner. We came to the conclusion that I would take care of the inside of the house and Bryan would take care of the outside of the house. And for the most part, that works really well for us!

However, there are times (like when I was in school) that one partner takes on extra responsibilities for a season. This week happens to be one of those seasons! Bryan has been giving some extremely demanding deadlines at work and has been working till midnight (or later) most nights this week and last. In the meantime, I’ve had the “privilege” of tackling the yard. I’ve mowed the lawn before, but this summer has been a unique challenge for us: 1. I was in school for most of the summer, and 2. every time we planned on mowing, we’d get an afternoon rain shower. This makes things difficult when both of us work 8-5 jobs (on a normal week).

I worked on the front lawn last Friday night but it got dark before I could get to the back. We were in Charleston over the weekend and I had my personal trainer clients’ session last night, so tonight was my first chance to get to it. It hasn’t been THAT long since I mowed, but the grass was ridiculously tall! On top of that, I started up the mower and after about 5 seconds, large puffs of white smoke began billowing from the motor! I don’t know much about lawnmowers, but I know that’s probably not good. So, since Bryan wasn’t home, I called my folks. They said a little oil probably spilled over and just needed burning off. Dad asked how long it had been since we changed the oil and I had no idea (as this is normally Bryan’s role). But I added some more to try to dilute the darker oil. It seemed to work.

Someday I want a secret garden that requires no mowing...just flowers and paths!

It was okay to begin with, but then it started choking out every time I’d get to the middle of a row. I mean EVERY time! I finally tipped the mower on its side and used a spade to clean around the blade. This smelled horrible! …probably from the last time I mowed (since the ground was somewhat wet) and I just didn’t realize this needed done…like every time you mow! That worked for a little while, then it choked out numerous times again, so I added more gas. Finally, I used a technique where every time it sounded like it was going to start choking out, I’d push down so the front would lift and the motor would get the courage to keep going. I had to do this about every 5 ft., so I’m kind of glad it started getting dark because I’m sure I looked ridiculous!

By the end, I was sweating profusely. I thought about going to the gym tonight, but after this ordeal, I got in a complete workout! I finished mowing more by sound and feel than by sight, so we’ll see what it looks like in the morning. But I did finish the backyard! So, my stick-to-it-ness won out over my frustration (and maybe a little anger). There were times I wanted to just put the mower by the side of the road and call a landscape business to come finish it in the morning. But I didn’t quit, and I calmed down, and it’s done! And I will be super glad when Bryan’s workload calms down so we can return to normal roles. I definitely am thankful for him and what a hard worker he is! And having to do some of his roles (which I don’t mind occasionally) make me appreciate him all the more.

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