Becoming a Runner…

I never thought I was the “runner” type, but maybe I’ve been wrong. I started running with the Girls on the Run program last season and have set a goal of doing 10 miles per week since then. I usually stop at 3.1 miles and have to walk half of it. Sometimes I’ll just walk 5 miles. Or I’ll get on the elliptical and go for forever.

Tonight was a new record for me (at least as far as I can remember). I got off work a little early, ran some errands, then headed straight to the gym. I did a few good stretches, stuck in my earbuds and hit play on the “Running Playlist” I created this week. It gives me about 30 minutes of really good tempo music, then a few slower songs, then it picks up again. I don’t know if it was the newer treadmill or the fact that I was listening to music instead of just watching TV, but I felt like I could run forever.

I started by walking for a half mile, then I ran. And I ran, and I ran, and I ran. I don’t know where the time went, but before I knew it, I had run a full 5K! I took about a mile and half break and walked, still keeping a good pace, then I ran for another mile and a quarter, and walked the last quarter mile. All in all, I ran 6.2 miles in about an hour and 10 minutes (not sure of the exact time because the treadmill kinda messed up in the middle). After I finished the first 5K, I just felt like I could keep going! Maybe I’m becoming a runner after all!

My “Running Playlist” currently includes the following:

  • “Explosive” – Bond (orchestration only)
  • “Welcome to resistance/The tension is here/Between who you are and who you could be/Between how it is and how it should be. / … I dare you to move/I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor…Like today never happened/… Maybe redemption has stories to tell/Maybe forgiveness is right where you fell/Where can you run to escape from yourself?/Where you gonna go?/Where you gonna go?/Salvation is here.” – from “Dare You to Move” – Switchfoot
  • “Even the best fall down sometimes/Even the wrong words seem to rhyme…” from “Collide” – Howie Day
  • “Cursed missed opportunities/Am I a part of the cure?/Or am I part of the disease?” – from “Clocks” – Coldplay
  • “City of Blinding Lights” – U2
  • “Bigger than My Body” – John Mayer
  • “Defying Gravity” – Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel
  • Random songs from An Ancient Muse by Loreena McKennitt (includes The Gates of Istanbul and The English
  • Random songs from Bullfrogs and Butterflies (Christian songs for kids – great for a light reprieve; I’d love to create a kids routine set to these CDs; I grew up on them and look forward to sharing them with my kids some day.)
    • “I’m not a stone, I’m not a stick, I’m not a bone, I’m not a brick, I’m not that old, And not that tough, but I’m a diamond in the rough. I may be slow, I may be small, but I can grow up big and tall, I may be young and all that stuff, but I’m a diamond in the rough” – from “A Diamond in the Rough”
    • “He gave me legs so I can run, so I know God likes fun” – from “God Likes Fun”
    • “You’re a great big God, a very busy God, but you take time for me” – from “A Great Big God”
  • “Before There Was Time” – Caedmon’s Call
  • “Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop” – Landon Pigg
  • “Firecracker” – Josh Turner
  • “Glory Be to God” – Sovereign Grace Music

2 responses to “Becoming a Runner…

  1. Awesome job!!! That’s so great. I never thought I’d be a “runner” either….but I think anyone can do it who puts their mind to it and trains consistently…and the plus part is falling in love with i!! 🙂 I truly love running…maybe not all the time and yeah, I sometimes dread going to do it, but when I’m into it and afterwards I just love it!

    Okay, I’ll get off my soap box. 🙂 Way to go!!

  2. “Oh me, oh my, a big bullfrog and a butterfly, a bumblebee and a huckleberry pie oh what a clear blue sky…”
    “You control the thunder, cause the wind to blow, send the driving rain and silent snow. Open every flower, color every tree, then You sit right down and talk to me!”

    Love that CD! I think it’s part of a set?

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