Joining A Gym with Friends

We’ve been talking with our friends Dave & Rachel about getting more active as couples. Rachel works out with me and my friend Jan sometimes, and she & Dave have recently gotten back into running. We hang out all the time and decided to join a gym together. What really motivated us was the $10 per person per month special! It’s a pretty cool gym. The best part is it’s within walking distance of our house! So on Tuesday night, we went over and checked it out, and walked out as members!

Bryan went last night while I trained my two new clients. He warmed up on the bike, did the elliptical for about 40 minutes, then cooled down on the bike. I was so thrilled. He came home from work and the next thing I knew, he was like, “I’m going to the gym. See you in a while.” Yeah!!

ZXFitness stands for Zero eXcuses! And with it being so close and so cheap, we really don’t have an excuse not to use it. We joined with friends so we can stay accountable! I’m super excited! The four of us have a double date at the gym tonight! I’ve been looking forward to it since I got up this morning! Then I think I’ll have a smoothie for dinner. Looking forward to that too!

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