Quick Update

I wanted to give a quick update before I get back to studying. Tonight was my final Anatomy/Physiology class! Exam on Wednesday! And my Nutrition exam is tomorrow: this one’s online, so I just have to take it by midnight. I have honestly enjoyed these classes and they’ve worked well to take at the same time. If anyone is interested in Nutrition, I’d be willing to loan you my book/notes, though I do want them back. (I’m a nerd like that. I actually still have most of my college textbooks and all my college notes, along with the idealistic plan on scanning them and storing them on a hard drive to use when I homeschool my children. It’s okay: I’ve come to grips with being a dork.) I’ve decided to give myself two weeks off from studying (and maybe get some more blogging in!) before ordering my ACEFitness.org Personal Trainer Certification Study Materials. I’m very excited about studying for this and getting started on this new career path!

Eating has been going well. I’m not stressing about counting calories. I’m just trying to eat MyPyramid and focusing more on fruits and veggies than grains. I’m also making sure I get my calcium in each day! It’s funny really. I used to be fairly intolerant to dairy products, but since I’ve been eating yogurt almost every day, they haven’t bothered me! This is very exciting, as I actually love all things dairy! I’m drinking a nice tall glass of chilled milk as I blog, actually! The best part is I haven’t gained any weight back since I stopped counting calories. I’m staying the same, and my clothes are actually feeling loser, so I’m tempted to get on the scale and see if I’m down a bit. 🙂

Today’s meal plan (just because I haven’t logged one in a while, though I have been good about eating):

Breakfast: blueberry cobbler with 1 c. milk (1 grain, 1 fruit, 1 dairy, and probably all of my discretionary calories)

11AM: Taco salad: lettuce, guac, tomato, black olives, 1 Tbsp. cheese, 3 oz. shredded chicken breast (1/2 dairy, 3 veggies, 3 protein)

2PM: 2 whole grain waffles with 1 Tbsp. “tahini candy” spread each (2 grains, 1/2 protein, 1 fruit)

5PM: 1 small bean burrito (1 grain, 2 protein, 1/2 dairy)

8PM: 1 small chicken burrito with salsa and cheese (1 grain, 2 protein, 1/2 dairy, 1/2 veggie)

9:30PM: glass of milk (1 dairy)

One nice thing about being done with classes is no more late night eating schedules! Now to study for my Nutrition Exam and get some ZZzzzs! Good night!

One response to “Quick Update

  1. go girl! I pray that you do well on your test. My foot is better – swelling has gone down some. By the way, could you post some info about cleansing your body of toxins?

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