Oriental Lunch with Coworker Friends!

Today for lunch, we went to a local Chinese restaurant with my friend Grace (who just completed her PhD at Clemson!! Congrats, Dr. Grace Li!!). There were a total of 5 ladies that went. Grace knows the owner, so she spoke with him and told him to bring us $5 worth of authentic cuisine to try. Now, this isn’t something that will happen often, if ever again, but it happened today! And I’m not revealing the restaurant name because I don’t want the workers harrassed with people expecting $5 meals.

Rice Noodles and Shrimp with Dumplings

We started with edamame and seaweed salad (two of my favorites)!

Then he brought out Almond Shrimp, which was long skewers of tempura shrimp over a bed of shredded lettuce, drizzled with a creamy citrus sauce and almonds. It was absolutely one of my favorite dishes I’ve ever had!

Then he brought out Beef Donburi and steamed rice. It’s basically like pot roast with green onions. It was also very tasty. At this point, I thought he was done. We were all fairly satisfied.

But then he brought out a plate of Rice Noodles with shrimp and green onions and some dumplings. The dumplings were so good! Then, he topped it all off with a gigantic plate of sushi rolls!!

Sushi Sampler

The center one was the Genji. I think it had crabsticks on the inside, and then the whole roll was dipped in tempura and fried, and then topped with small chunks of tuna.

The creamy orange colored one is the Crazy Girl. This was hands down the favorite at the table (and the first to go). It had fried shrimp on the inside and a spicy mayo crab salad on the top.

He also brought the Eel Cucumber roll. This was a first for me, but I actually did eat it and it was fine. Probably not something I’d order again, but at least I’m not scared of it anymore. It just tasted like seafood with cucumber and avacado. Maybe I’m crazy, but I just can’t hear the word ‘eel’ without thinking of the shrieking eels in The Princess Bride!

There was also the Rainbow Roll (three colors of raw fish on top), a Shrimp Tempura roll, a Tuna roll, and a California Roll. There was so much, we had to bring 3 boxes back to the office to share with coworkers! And I’m still going to get to have sushi for dinner tonight!

One response to “Oriental Lunch with Coworker Friends!

  1. Yah! My lunch is famous. 🙂

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