Two Weeks Left…

Only two more weeks of classes at Greenville Tech! I have a Nutrition project due tomorrow night, a Nutrition Test on Tuesday, Final Anatomy Lab Exam on Wednesday, and then Final exams the Tues/Wed. after that! Whew! It’s been a busy summer! I’ve learned a ton and really enjoyed (am enjoying) the two classes I got to take from Tech.

After this summer, however, we’ve decided to study through ACEFitness (the certification board I’ve chosen to get my Personal Trainer Certification through). They will provide me with all the materials I need to study for the exam. It’s all online. Then when I’m ready to take the test (probably in 6 months), I just sign up for a slot at the closest testing center and see how I do!

I’m very thankful for the Anatomy & Nutrition classes I got to take this summer. I feel like they really helped get me back into studying and learning and pushing myself. I’m ready to move on though and not have EVERY evening taken up with school. Quite frankly, we need a break. If I weren’t working full-time, it would be different. But, alas, that is what God has for us right now.

And even though it’s been time-consuming and challenging, I’m thankful for the times that I’m pushed to go beyond status quo and break out of the box and just get the courage to go for my dreams and make the most out of the gifts and abilities God has given me. Every step of this journey is good – even if some of them are hard or uncomfortable or time-consuming. So, I choose to enjoy the journey, and I look forward to the next steps along the path.

Meanwhile, if the blog has fewer updates, you’ll understand why. I hope to blog more once these courses are over. Oh, and another reason why the blog’s had fewer posts recently is that we are painting and rearranging some things in our house. This past week we painted walls and trim in the Living Room, upstairs and downstairs hallways, and stairwell. Next up…paint the trim in the dining room to match everywhere else, and…new carpet!! I’ll post pictures when everything’s complete.

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