Book Review: Will Medicine Stop The Pain?

Book Review by my twin sister and published author, Michelle Grover.
“I have been so thrilled recently with what has been coming out from Moody Press. This time respected women’s counselor Elyse Fitzpatrick has teamed up with Dr. Laura Hendrickson to speak a gracious voice of truth to women who struggle emotionally.
“Opening with Laura’s gripping personal testimony of her and her brother and the opposite conclusions that each of their diagnosis with bipolar pointed them to (her brother to suicide, herself to Christ), Laura and Elyse share a practically-balanced and personal yet completely biblical approach to dealing with anxiety, depression and other emotional problems.
“This is not just a surface-level book. It digs deep and examines how our bodies and brains function, how our spirits (minds and hearts) cooperate with our bodies and brains, how each affects the other, and also how specific categories of medicines can affect both. They are very careful to point patients/counselees to their medical doctors and urge you not to just quit taking any medicine that you’ve been prescribed….”
To read the rest of her review, check out her blog here.

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