Resource: “In Search of Balance: Keys to a Stable Life”

I often listen to the local Christian radio station on my way home from Anatomy class. Last night, there was a Focus on the Family special, interviewing doctor and author, Dr. Richard Swenson, on living a balanced life, dealing with stress and priorities, and how stress affects our bodies and spirits. It’s worth a listen.

Broadcast Summaries: “Based on his book In Search of Balance, Dr. Richard Swenson discusses the importance of maintaining our long-term priorities in a world that constantly distracts us from them.”

Living with the End in Mind, Part 1 of 2: Listen here.

Living with the End in Mind, Part 2 of 2: Listen here.

To purchase the 2 part series on CD for $9, order here. “Product Description: Imagine jogging on a treadmill that’s steadily increasing in speed. You run faster and faster, but before long, you can’t keep up – you lose your balance, fall down and probably get hurt. Dr. Richard Swenson says most of us are running on a “cultural treadmill,” wherein the speed, complexity and busyness of life are throwing us off balance, hurting both our health and our relationships. So slow down, take a breath and listen in as Swenson – a physician, author and futurist – describes how the acceleration of technology and progress is pushing us toward overload in a fascinating discussion based on his book In Search of Balance: Keys to a Stable Life.”

Other Resources from Dr. Richard Swenson available for $11.99 each at Focus on the Family’s website right now (note: I have not read any of these books yet, but they’re on my “to read” list):

2 responses to “Resource: “In Search of Balance: Keys to a Stable Life”

  1. If you’re overloaded, don’t add the reading of this book to your schedule. The author uses extreme examples of escalating progress and piles on phony guilt about how “most believers” live. Well, in order to further simplify my life, after reading six chapters of this book, I’m putting it aside and will have more time for matters of eternal consequence.

    • Jean, Thanks for the feedback. I found the “Living with the End in Mind” broadcast series encouraging, but it doesn’t mean I endorse everything by the author/speaker. I personally haven’t read the books. Would you mind replying and letting me know which of three books mentioned above you found unhelpful? Thank you. ~Melissa

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