Beat the Heat!

It’s over 90 degrees Fahrenheit here in SC today! I haven’t had a really good workout since last Thursday, so I was determined to go today. I even waited a little later to go because I figured our small gym at the office would clear out by then. However, every machine was taken, so I geared up and decided to brave the heat! I made sure to take my heart rate monitor watch and made sure it didn’t get too high throughout my workout.

The first 2 miles weren’t too bad. I was able to run about half of the time and find shade along the route. Plus, there was a nice breeze. It was great! I ran down some streets I hadn’t been down before (safe ones, of course), so it made it easier to go because I was seeing new landscape. I love downtown Greenville!

I eventually made it down to Falls Park. About halfway through my run in the park, it started getting really hot. Fortunately, there’s a drinking fountain, so I took a few sips and ran my wrists under the water to cool down a bit. Then I kept going. Fortunately, God brought a nice cool breeze just when I thought I was going to have to ask a local restaurant for some water. I made it back to the office and had finished just over 3 miles.  It was enough to get me back to the office to do a cool down stretch routine. I’ll do some strength training tonight. We’ll be moving all the furniture out of our living room so we can finally paint! Yeah!!

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