Need to Change Up Your Walking Routine? Bring a Soccer Ball!

Bryan’s had soccer on the mind lately. He’s trying to find a league in our area that he can join. He’s always been a soccer fan. We’ve enjoyed watching the World Cup together (though he keeps up with it more than I do).

Last night, he had a great idea! As we were getting ready to go on our walk, Bryan grabbed his soccer ball and made sure it was pumped up with air. Instead of just walking, we passed the ball back and forth between us as we walked around the neighborhood. I wouldn’t recommend this near a busy road, but we live on a cul-de-sac off of a dead end road, so it’s pretty quiet. We did about a mile or so, then came back and just kicked and tossed the ball back and forth in the front yard. Then we tried to steal the ball from each other. This was so much fun!

When we came inside, we got some water, then we locked ankles (sitting down and facing each other) and we tossed the ball back and forth as I did sit ups. This was such an enjoyable workout! It’s like date night and workout rolled into one. Try it some time!

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