Celebrating 4,000 Blog Hits with a Special Post by Guest Author, Carissa Sipe Davis

Carissa is a dear friend, wife of a pastor (Todd Davis) in Brighton, Colorado, mother of 2, dental hygienist, and currently launching two business ventures! She’s an inspiration and a joy to be around, so I wanted her to share a little of what she’s been learning.

Meet the Author: Carissa Davis and her family (photo by Kelly Penwell)

“I have really appreciated Melissa’s blog a ton! The posts are so helpful and inspiring. Even the name rings true to so many of us because the journey to lean is truly that—a journey! It is a never-ending battle of self-denial! I might add to the title though. Just for the sake of argument, I’m not sure that Melissa’s journey is primarily a journey to leanness, but more, it’s a journey to health! It seems to me that although being skinny is definitely our motivation much of the time, the things that Melissa has posted on this blog are doing so much more than making her skinny; they are affecting her whole body. Her muscles are becoming stronger through the workout routines; her blood is flowing more easily throughout her body because her organs are working much more efficiently; she is able to think more clearly; she has more energy; and along with all that, she is getting skinny! Eating right and exercising is truly affecting her whole body for the better.

“The idea of total body health has been on my mind for a while now. If you look around, it is not hard to find people who have been diagnosed with things like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, or heart disease. Neither is it hard to find people who are ALWAYS sick, or even more commonly, whose kids are always sick. I often hear, “I have no energy.” Does this sound like you? It sounds like me. High cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease all run in my family! Who’s next: me or my kids or both????? Now please don’t get me wrong; I believe in a Sovereign God who ultimately is in charge of everything. I get that! But while the Bible is very clear on that point, it is also very clear that we need to live responsibly. 

“Experts agree: fruits and vegetables form a very important part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Almost every day, another piece of research or another news story heralds the risk-reducing power of our dietary choices, especially the health benefits of eating more fruits and vegetables. The recommended amount of fruits and vegetables per day is 7-13 servings. Does anyone really do that? If you do, I applaud you!!! That’s awesome! Being totally honest though, on a good day I have only gotten four, maybe five servings. For those of us with kids, our responsibility is even greater because we need to be teaching our kids how to eat healthily and to love the things that are good for them instead of the fattening sugary stuff that is so easy to feed them. 

 “Since this job has proved very difficult for me I was elated to find out about Juice Plus (http://www.juiceplus.com/)!!!! Juice Plus is the convenient and inexpensive way to add more nutrition from fruits and vegetables to your diet every day. Just taking two Juice Plus Orchard Blend capsules and two Juice Plus Garden Blend capsules every day is all it takes! The Orchard Blend is made from seven different fruits (apple, orange, pineapple, cranberry, papaya, peach, and acerola cherry), and the Garden Blend is made from ten different vegetables and grains (carrot, parsley, beet, kale, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, tomato, oat bran, and brown rice bran). If you have kids, there are also chewable gummies that taste fabulous! My son Brode asks for his gummies because he loves them so much!

 “I know you may be skeptical. There are so many supplements being marketed out there. What proved the value of Juice Plus to me was the extensive clinical research that has been done on the product. Juice Plus is the most thoroughly researched brand name nutritional product on the market. Leading research Universities and hospitals have done the studies and even more research findings are about to come out in the next few months on things like the effect of Juice Plus on gum disease (an important one to me as a dental hygienist 🙂 ) and the effects of Juice Plus on pregnancy (Did you know that it has been proved that synthetic prenatal vitamins can actually make women sick? That’s so helpful during that first trimester right girls ;-). I do have a great article on that if anyone would like for me to send it to them, but that’s another whole discussion). Anyway, to see more of the research, go to http://www.juiceplus.com/.

 “It really is simple; we need to eat more fruits and vegetables. Period!!!! The personal testimonies are compelling: fruits and vegetables make you feel great, they make you and your family less sick, and they reduce the risk of disease for you and your family. If you need help getting your fruits and vegetables, try out an all natural, whole food based nutritional product like Juice Plus. If you have any questions, please visit their website, or if there are any questions that I can answer or articles I can send you, please feel free to contact me at carissalin1@gmail.com.

“Thanks Melissa for asking me to do this article. It is so easy to become passionate about something that is so simple but helps so much!!!!”

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