Review: Shrink Your Female Fat Zones by D. Austin

Austin, Denise. Shrink Your Female Fat Zones. USA: Rodale, 2003. 423 pages.

Review: It’s worth trying. And I don’t think it’s just for women. Guys can follow these principles as well (even if it’s true that they naturally burn calories easier than women). Easy read, great charts, good exercise program (especially for busy schedules), and who doesn’t love a pre-made grocery/meal plan?! Enjoy!

Available on for $10 or less! I got mine at TJMaxx for $5.


Part I: Female Fat Zones Defined

  • Chapter 1: The “Genealogy” of Female Fat
  • Chapter 2: THe Amazing Shrinking Fat Cell

Part II: The Fat Zone Walking and Stretching Program

  • Chapter 3: Target Toning As You Walk
  • Chapter 4: Denise’s Daily Stretch

Part III: The Fat Zone Workouts

  • Chapter 5: The Upper Body
  • Chapter 6: The Midsection
  • Chapter 7: The Lower Body
  • Chapter 8: Total-Body Shape-Ups

Part IV: The Shrink Your Female Fat Zones Diet

  • Chapter 9: The Shrink-Fat Eating Plan
  • Chapter 10: Week 1: Go on Portion Patrol
  • Chapter 11: Week 2: Fight Fat with Fiber
  • Chapter 12: Week 3: Savor Good Fats
  • Chapter 13: Week 4: Fill Up on Fruits and Vegetables
  • Chapter 14: Week 5: Home In on Hunger
  • Chapter 15: Week 6: Identify and Change Behaviors

Part V: The Shrink Your Female Fat Zones Tools

  • Chapter 16: Recipes for Success
  • Chapter 17: Your 6-Week Fat Zone Workbook
  • Index


Not so sure I agree with Part I. It seems to be a bit out there. But the workouts and toning seem good and there are multiple testimonials throughout the book.

Your first step is to figure out which fat zone is your target area (your problem zone). There are 3 zones: Upper Body (gains weight in chest and arms first and loses it there last), Midsection (abdomen and lower back), and Lower Body (hips, thighs, and buttocks: most women’s problem area).

The Workouts are basically the same: Walk at least 4 days a week (weeks 1-2: 25 minutes; weeks 3-4: 35 minutes; weeks 5-6: 45 minutes), Target your problem area 3x per week (15 minutes on alternate days; never target the same area two days in a row), Target one of the other areas 1-3x per week (15 minutes on alternate days), and Target the last zone 1-3x per week (15 minutes on alternate days).

Another Key Principle is stretching: 3x per day — morning, noon, and right before bed. “When you stretch and relax, you elongate your muscles, which will make you appear up to 5 pounds thinner and an inch taller in just a few minutes!” (75).

Section IV not only gives you diet plans for each week (including breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, and a treat each day for 1400, 1600 and 1800 calorie diets). It also gives you the weekly shopping list and daily nutrition tallies!!


“Bad weather isn’t an excuse to skip a walking workout. Fat cells don’t take crummy weather into account” (42).

“Deep breathing provides a natural high. Take breathing breaks instead of coffee breaks” (74).

“Your body is an investment that pays off numerous dividends over time. Two of those dividends are more energy and better health. Those errands can wait. Your body can’t” (227).

“Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels” (362).

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