Twitter Tuesday Now Includes Facebook @LiquidHighway!

Good morning! I drove in to work with Bryan this morning (I love the days we get to carpool), and my first thought upon entering the parking garage was, “It’s Tuesday! I get free coffee!” Liquid Highway has been offering #TwitterTuesday for a while now and it’s definitely a highlight to my week. If you’re on Twitter, just tweet about @liquidhighway on a Tuesday, show it to your barista, and you get a free small coffee! That’s right! It’s like them paying you with coffee to advertise a little! 🙂 (Sometimes they even throw in a shot of flavoring for you!)

Well, now you don’t have to be on Twitter to enjoy the benefits. Liquid Highway is now on Facebook, so if you talk about liquid highway in your status update, just print it out (or not, if you have mobile Facebook), show it to your barista, and get a free small coffee! What a deal!

I had mine with some toast and fig jam, with sliced pears. Yum! The bread was from my friend Gina. It’s a hearty wheat bread and reminds me of the bread I ate when I was in Poland and Latvia! I miss Europe!

Rustic Toast with Fig Jam and Pear Slices (and my free coffee)

One response to “Twitter Tuesday Now Includes Facebook @LiquidHighway!

  1. sounds good. Good to be home.

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