Tuesday Meal Plan

Breakfast: 1.5 slices of rustic wheat bread, 1 Tbsp. all-natural fig jam, 1 pear, 1 cup of coffee.

Lunch: Chicken breast wrap with 1 slice Muenster cheese, spicy brown mustard, sprouts, and banana peppers, 1 c. watermelon, and 1/4 c. dried plums.

Snack: 1 c. watermelon, 2 c. green tea.

Dinner: 2 eggs, scrambled in 1 pat of butter, 1 slice rustic wheat bread with 1 pat of butter, sauteed leafy greens in 1 tsp. olive oil.


  • Calories: 1340 (goal: 1260-1516)
  • Carbs: 191 (goal: 173-209)
  • Fat: 45 (goal: 42-51)
  • Protein: 63 (goal: 47-57, 63 is still tolerable)

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