Friday Meal Plan (and Go Team USA!)

Slow day today at the office, which is good because it gave me a chance to finish my nutrition reading.

I had Strawberry Soup and a trail mix bar for breakfast. Then at 11A, I headed over to Wild Wings to meet up with Bryan and some other friends to see the 2nd half of USA v. Slovenia World Cup. (“Goal 3” was NOT offsides. That’s all I’m saying there.) I had 2 spicy chicken sliders with their amazing homemade potato chips and a small amount of bleu cheese dressing. After the game, I headed back to work for the second half of today’s shift.

We grabbed some groceries on the way home for a friend who’s dad just passed away. They have 2 boys and a newborn and just got home from a long, emotional road trip, so I didn’t want them having to think about going to the grocery store for at least 24 hours. I bought Cheerios, milk, strawberry yogurt and bananas for breakfast, fixings for deli sandwiches, tomatoes, strawberries, carrots, and pudding for lunch, and stuff for a spaghetti dinner with garlic bread, salad, and peas for dinner. Then there was a pork loin on sale, and I figured they could use it for dinner one night this week. Yeah for Ingles. I got a lot of stuff organic and was still able to get out of there fairly cheaply. If you know someone that’s going through a tough time, this is a small, fairly inexpensive way to show them you love them. After all, God is so gracious to us and He gave us one another to care for each other and lean on.

I sent Bryan to drop that off while I eat a quick dinner of hummus, pita, carrots, and tomato (and a small glass of milk) and finish studying. (Sorry, tried to upload the pix, but it doesn’t want to work tonight.) Goal is to take my test by 7:30 so I can go see my sister in law Julie and her sis Bethany and get in some yoga and girl time with them! (They’re only in town for a short period and I miss them!)

Today’s Totals: 1429 calories from 198 g carb, 53 g fat, and 50 g protein (all within ranges!).

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