Thursday Meal Plan and Weigh In

I started today with 8 oz. of Organic Valley Vanilla Yogurt (the pourable kind). I had a coupon for this and thought I’d try it. I actually really like it. I’m looking forward to trying it poured over cereal instead of using milk. I also had a mango for breakfast.

I’m looking forward to lunch! Bryan made tuna-egg salad and I brought 1 c. spinach, 2 large slices of tomato, and a handful of sprouts to eat with it. Then I’ll have a serving of whole wheat pita too.

Still haven’t decided on dinner yet, but I’m thinking of making hummus and trying that strawberry soup out (before my strawberries go bad: that would be tragic!).

I weighed again today. I had fluxuated 1/2 lb. the last two weeks, so I was glad to be back to my weight again. I dropped inches and body fat % again this week, but I haven’t lost weight in a while and am really trying to hit a certain number. I have 4 lbs. to go on this first goal, and I’ve decided I want to put a carrot in my path to motivate me. What’s my carrot? A hair cut! Don’t worry, I won’t go too short – I still want to be able to put it in a ponytail for my runs, but I’m ready for a little change. Hopefully this will be a good motivator for me.

Happy Thursday! Enjoy the Journey!

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