Is It the Weekend Yet?!

This week has been incredibly long for some reason! Maybe it’s that last weekend was so packed full of excitement that I didn’t rest like normal (though I did crash on Sunday afternoon – I was so tired I went to bed as soon as we got home from church at 12:30 and Bryan had to wake me at 6:30p so I would be able to sleep the whole night through…which I did).

Monday and Wednesday were filled with work, workout, and Anatomy/Physiology class. Tuesday, I printed out all my study materials for Nutrition for the week. And tonight will be studying for my Nutrition test (it’s due Friday by midnight and I’ve been postponing it). This week in Nutrition is all about Vitamins, Minerals, and Water. It’s really good stuff, just a lot to remember! So far I have an A in both classes and I plan on keeping it, so it’s going to take some hard study tonight. I might just have to pack up my books and find a park bench or coffee shop to hull up in. It was so much easier to hide in the university’s library than it is to try to study at home (when I was in college the first time, that is).

I’m working on a post (in my head) about the connection between strength training and its effects on bones and not just muscles. It’s really fascinating and I’m more and more convinced that everyone needs to do strength training at least a couple times a week! Here’s a glimpse: Did you know that when you do strength training, the area that’s impacted actually strengthens bones at the impact sites as well as muscles?! You’ve heard that when you break a bone it gets stronger at the break site and won’t break in the same place twice. Well, the same principle applies. When you workout, the bones and muscles create miniature tears/fractures and then you give them a day to rest and the bone cells and muscle cells generate new cells to fill in and repair the miniature “breaks,” thus making the bones/muscles stronger. Wow!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the weekend. Bryan’s brother and sister in law (and her family) are in town and I’m looking forward to hanging out with them. Julie’s one of my kindred spirits and I miss her! And I’m hoping to see my family too! Plus we have a baby shower we’re supposed to go to, and I really hope we get to make it! Another one of my kindred spirits, Kristin, is having her first baby, and I can’t wait to give her my gift for baby Katie. 🙂 So, another busy weekend is ahead, but hopefully it will be restorative too. I’d love to get in another 5 mile run! We’ll see if that happens.

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