Review: The Biggest Loser Fat Burning Yoga DVD

This is the workout I did tonight. I LOVE this DVD! It combines flexibility, strength training, cardio and core into one workout. Don’t think you’ll break a sweat with yoga? I dare you to try this video! And you don’t have to worry about being a beginner. The participants show a variety of levels of fitness so you can pick one and follow along.

The best thing about the Biggest Loser workout DVDs is that they’re completely customizable. Each one that I have has a warm up, cool down, and 3 workouts. You can mix and match and arrange them in any order you want before hitting play, or just follow the 6 week program. Weeks 1-2 are warmup, workout 1, cool down. Weeks 3-4 are warmup, workouts 1 and 2, cool down. Weeks 5-6 are warmup, workouts 1, 2, and 3, and cool down. And how can you not love Bob?!

Also, this video combines yoga with pilates. And don’t worry…there’s no spiritism in this routine…not even an “Om.” Just a good workout! It’s a great way to workout and relieve stress all at once. I like doing this one in the evenings just before a nice hot bath and bedtime!

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