Hosting a Baby Shower for My Cousin Valerie

Guest(s) of honor: Valerie (and Mini V)

My cousin Valerie and my twin sister Michelle and I are 8 months apart and grew up in the same class from nursery through college. We lived within 10 miles of each other most of our lives. And now she and her husband Jon are expecting their first baby – a girl – aka Mini V (until they reveal the name). So, we hosted a baby shower for her at my place. Michelle and I had a lot of fun planning the party and the turn out was great! I think we had 18 people here. See for yourselves:

The Table! Yum!

I made the tablecloth especially for the party (it went along with the invitations). Food display: Sweet Potato and Mashed Potato Martini Bar (everyone grabs a martini glass, picks a potato, and then loads it with toppings of their choice: brown sugar, pecans, butter, cheese, bacon, sliced olives, sour cream, green onions); chocolate chunks, chocolate chip cheeseball with graham crackers, cheese quesadillas and bbq chicken quesadillas (with sour cream and salsa), garlic cheese ball with parmesan and goat cheeses, served with sliced pears and crackers).

Pear-shaped cheeseballs with pear stem and basil leaves as decor: so cute!

Fruit kabobs and cappuccino trifle pudding!

Glasses for the Potato Bar (I picked these up at TJMaxx and the Dollar Store!) on top of my $30 piano I got at my first auction (yes, it works).

We had each guest self-address an envelope to make thank you cards easier for the guest of honor!

She got some really cute stuff, including this handmade dress and handmade shoes from our friend Nora (the one in green).

More gift opening...

Cousin Val and Sis Michelle

We started with food, then Michelle gave a short challenge about shepherding a child’s heart while God shepherds us as His children, then we opened gifts, and people went back for seconds (the great part about being brunch: it counts for 2 meals). It was a great time of seeing friends and catching up with old acquaintances. We love you, Val! And can’t wait to meet your precious little girl soon!

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