Update on Going Back to School

Update on School:

For those who are curious, I am taking BIO-110 Anatomy & Physiology and BIO-240 Nutrition. The A&P class is Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:40 – 9:20 PM, though we normally get out early (around 8:40). So far tests and quizzes in both are going great and I’m actually enjoying both of the classes! AND they’re building on each other, so it helps me assimilate the information and apply it to my eating and workout habits. Did you know that your bones actually become stronger when you do strength training!? It’s not just good for your muscles and heart! Lifting weights can actually reduce the risk of osteoporosis! Wow! I’m learning all kinds of cool stuff like that! So, if you’re one of those people that runs every day to exercise, consider replacing or adding 2-4 days a week with strength training and at least one day with flexibility training (like Yoga or Pilates). It’s still good to do Cardio about 3-4 times per week.

It is taking a lot of time, but I honestly believe it’s worth it. And being disciplined in any one area of your life encourages you to be disciplined in other areas of life. I heard this on The Biggest Loser this past season, and it’s absolutely true. They predicted that the people with the highest credit scores who were counting their calories would be the biggest winner. That’s probably why I feel like I do better when I have more things on my plate and feel lazy when I don’t have much going on. There’s still a balance that each of us has to learn for ourselves. I’m so glad I started this blog because it was the beginning of getting back into a disciplined routine. Between the blog, my workouts, and tracking my calories, I had some pretty good disciplines established going into the school thing. But since I’ve started school, I’ve noticed that I’m more disciplined in my Bible reading and actually have to plan my meals better too.

Did I mention I’m still working full-time and helping teach 4th grade Sunday school? Yes, it’s busy, but we’re making it. Bryan has been absolutely wonderful! He’s helping out with cleaning and dishes, taking care of pretty much everything as far as the yard goes, and even goes grocery shopping for me if I need him to! Last night, I had him pick up some things at CVS and gave him a $5 off $15 purchase coupon. He got everything on my list and hadn’t reached $15, so he picked up a bag of Dark Chocolate Truffles for me while I studied! What a sweetheart! (I only ate one…so far!)

Things I Keep on Hand to Make My Life Easier:

For Breakfast: organic Greek yogurt, fruit, quinoa, frozen berries, and occasionally juice

For Snacks: dried fruit, nuts, seeds, bananas, protein bars, granola bars

For Lunches: wraps, lettuce, veggies (especially carrots and cucumbers b/c they’re easy), whatever Boar’s Head meat and cheese is on sale at Publix for the week

For Dinner: cereal, organic milk, eggs, organic PB & J, pasta and marinara sauces, frozen veggies, beans, potatoes (red & sweet), frozen meats

From the Garden: lettuce and herbs

Keeping Organized:

  • I try to lay out my clothes for work the night before.
  • If I have school, I pack my books/laptop for the next day and put it at the end of the bed.
  • I also make sure my gym bag is packed with clean clothes, shoes (& baby wipes, body spray, and deodorant).
  • If I can, I make lunch the night before (Bryan helps me pack lunches sometimes).
  • If I make quinoa, I try to make a big batch once a week and put it in individual serving size containers and refrigerate. That way, in the a.m., all I have to do is grab a fruit, a pre-washed veggie, my pre-made wrap, a yogurt, and a serving of quinoa.
  • If I have school, I’ll try to make a PB&J the night before too and throw it in the bag with everything the next day for my dinner.

Overall, we’re doing well and really enjoying this process. I’m still trying to determine if I should register for classes next semester or just buy the materials to self-study the rest of the material for the certification. I’m leaning towards self-study and saving my money, but we’ll see. I still want to talk to a few more advisors. So, that’s the update. I’ll try to keep you posted as time goes on…

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