Contentment and True Beauty

Last night, Bryan and I had one of those nights where all we felt like doing was driving. We do this occasionally. We’ll grab a Coke (or Coke Zero) and just drive – usually into the middle of nowhere and back with the windows down. It’s a time to just talk with no distractions. There are so many things going on right now, trying to figure out the future and what the next steps in life are, how to balance school and work and life, the desire to grow spiritually, and the list goes on. In many ways, I feel torn. I have so many desires and interests, and I just need to stay focused and be disciplined and realize that 1. I can’t do everything, and 2. I can do NOTHING apart from Christ.

Then, we got to church this morning and Pastor McCormick was speaking on Discontentment from the book of Philippians. It was a perfect follow up to what we talked about last night. One of the things that got me was when he talked about dealing with the “respectable sins” like discontentment, gluttony, laziness, etc. He talked about calling sin sin and dealing with it head on, repenting and turning back to Christ, instead of just salving our consciences by listening to Christian music or audio sermons. It reminded me of an article I recently read about Comforting or Distracting Yourself. Now, that’s not a Christian article, but it got me think about distracting myself from dealing with root problems by masking or making excuses.

After Sunday School (we have church first, then s.s.), we had a community group picnic at lunch en lieu of evening service. I had a great time discussing the sermon and growing with some other ladies (Liz, Katie, and Merideth) in my group. They asked what I was up to and I told them about my classes to become a personal trainer, which led us to a discussion on the importance of caring for our bodies and making right choices with health, food, and fitness. It was such an encouragement to talk to these ladies. We have to make right choices so that 1. we are good stewards of the bodies God gave us, and 2. that we can be good testimonies/examples to our children and those around us (not to mention, 3. remaining attractive to our husbands, for those of us who are married). We talked about the possibility of a regular ladies workout class that teaches women to look at fitness from a biblical perspective. It really got me motivated to stay on track with this personal trainer certification. I would love to have a Ladies Bible Study/Workout group and also to run a Fit Camp for Kids – kind of  like a Mom’s Day Out type thing, giving moms the chance to run errands while their kids learn to make healthy choices.

We talked about body image and the media and the false advertising that so many magazines and commercials push at us. We talked about learning what true beauty is. (You might remember my friend Katie’s notes on Beauty from a previous post. Also, see today’s post on Contentment by Katie.) We talked about not worrying about BMI, but just being healthy and good stewards and being beautiful women from the inside out, and not the other way around. If my focus on beauty is on my external, then I will most likely never get around to working on the inner beauty because there will always be something I want to change. But the women that I know that are truly beautiful people, started from the inside and that beauty radiates from them, not just because of their dress or makeup or hairstyle, but because of who they are in Christ.

So, this week, I will content myself in the Word of God and rejoice in the place He has me for now. I will dress in a way that pleases Him and reflects His beauty, which He has graciously begun in my heart and I pray will continue to grow in my heart so that it radiates out – not that I may be seen of men, but that they may see God in me and want Him more because of it.

2 responses to “Contentment and True Beauty

  1. Just wanted to say love this post and the sermon today was also a blessing to me. I also have a lot of things I want to do and sometimes get overwhelmed with not being able to do everything I want to because it’s not possible. And the sermon was great because I struggle with discontentment a lot and hadn’t always considered that a sin but it definitely IS!!

  2. Thank you for this reminder about what our focus should be as women.
    Your advocate in the battle……..MomKinnon 🙂

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