Decisions, Decisions

Well, I’m done with Meatless May and did a weigh in this morning. My weight is the same, though my body fat % did drop slightly again. However, little bit of inches I thought I lost at different places a week or so ago is back up to the same as before last measurement, or maybe I just measured wrong last time. SO…the ONLY difference I saw with Meatless May was dropping body fat %. Everything else remained constant.

I am determined to lose these last 9 lbs! And I’m not quite sure how to do that yet. I’m in Anatomy/Physiology & Nutrition classes currently and haven’t got to the part about meal plans yet, so I’m still kind of going on my own.

Decision 1: I’m reducing my calories back to sedentary levels. Even though I’m working out, the majority of my day is spent sitting, between work and class and studying. So, here’s what I’m doing:

  • Calorie Intake per day: 1260-1516
  • Carbohydrates per day: 173-209 grams
  • Fat per day: Max of 51 grams
  • Protein per day: 47-57 grams

Today, that translates into this meal plan:

Breakfast: 1 large fruit and veggie smoothie (contained 6 oz. pomegranate Chobani greek yogurt, 1 large carrot, 1/4 c. broccoli, 3/4 c. frozen berries, 1 c. cran-pomegranate juice, 1 frozen banana).

Lunch: 2 oz. Boar’s Head “Ever Roast” Chicken Breast, 1 tsp. mayo, 1 tsp. brown mustard, and 1 oz. Muenster cheese on a 100 calorie wheat bun.

Dinner: 1 grilled cheese sandwich (with only 1 oz. of cheddar cheese) with 1 c. tomato soup and a pickle spear.

Decision 2: Increase workouts as possible. I’ve been working out on a regular basis, but I’m reading more and more that if you want to lose weight, you should be up to 60-90 minutes per day. I’m at about 45-60 most days, sometimes only getting in 30 minutes. And I usually have 1 or 2 rest days per week due to my incredibly hectic schedule of juggling work, school, studying, home, and church. So, I’m going to try to work on it. But something is probably going to have to give.

 Decision 3: Do I need to go to school to get my national personal trainer certification?

I’ve been told by a few people now that all the study materials I need to pass the national test are available to order online and would cost about as much as I spend for one class (vs. the 10 classes I’d be taking from the technical college). I’m already in the middle of classes for this summer session and past the withdraw date, so I’ll stick it out this semester. But after that, I may just try to do this on my own. I’m also hoping to get some experience working under a trainer while studying.

I was told that if I needed help with studying for any classes, it would be the science classes, which just happens to be what I’m in (A&P and Nutrition). So, maybe it works out that the other class was cancelled and I got put in Nutrition this semester. It certainly would be a $ saver for us! So, I’m thinking about what my next steps are. Please pray for wisdom for me and Bryan in this decision. Thanks!

6 responses to “Decisions, Decisions

  1. Consider these thoughts … 1) in regards to your work out … what if you did 20-30 minutes of really intense cardio (such as treadmill/elliptical, if you have access to these) 4-5 days a week?? I have found this strategy to be much more effective for me, my body type and my mommy schedule. And, my hubby saw results after only a month of this schedule =] Maybe also consider getting one of the weight management tests Jon has been working with — that way you know for sure what type/intensity of exercise works best based on your genetic makeup (and the diet part might be helpful too).

    2) The national certification program is an excellent way to go and much more cost effective overall, like you mentioned. But, from someone who has studied, taken the exam and missed it by only a few points, this is the way I’d do it again … I would purchase the entire study package (books, study guide, ‘class’ videos and whatever else is included). And, I would also give it a good 6-9 months of study and ‘internship’ work w/a personal trainer for probably half that time (if you can arrange it) before the test date.

    Well, hope some of this has been helpful =) Good luck on continuing your journey!!!

  2. I will be praying about your decision.

  3. Have you considered using a heart rate monitor during exercise to calculate more accurately the level of activity you are doing? There’s some interesting research on that. You can figure how many. Activity points you need on a weekly basis to maintain weight, lose weight, train for a specific type of event. Your points are based on the amount of time you spend in various heart-rate zones. In the highest zones, you burn a lot of calories, but you need a lot of calories, so you are often very hungry and you have to maintain really high levels or you’ll gain. If you keep to moderate with bursts of intense you can get necessary points, without overtraining or overworking. I find this to be really helpful for me and it’s something I can use whether I’m doing a dvd or running on a trail or on the eliptical.

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