So Long, Meatless May, and Thanks for All the Fish!

Yesterday marked the end of Meatless May. It was a good experiment. I didn’t lose any weight, but I did drop body fat % and I got a compliment that my skin was “just glowing,” which I assume is due to the increased Omega 3s from the extra fish I ate.

So, what did I learn? That it’s fun to eat fruits and veggies and that I need more fish in my diet on a regular basis. Am I going to keep it up? No, I’m going to eat lean meats, but I will continue to eat an increased amount of fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, and fish.

So, this morning, I started with a “Build Your Own Omelet” from Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe. Pick one meat, one herb, 3 veggies, and one cheese. I got 2 eggs with spicy chicken breast, rosemary, spinach, onion, and feta and a slice of wheat toast. It was delicious!

Lunch is leftover fish and shrimp from last night’s cookout and some lobster mac n cheese. I’ll be sure to eat this AFTER I workout on my lunch break. I forgot my tennis shoes, so I guess I’ll be doing yoga in the gym today. 🙂

Happy June!

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