Meatless May Check-In

Breakfast: small bagel with 1 Tbsp. organic cream cheese, 8 oz. Green Goodness Smoothie.

Lunch: brown rice and Chinese mixed vegetables.

Dinner: low fat veggie lasagna.

I’ll check my calories and nutrients and see if I need to eat a snack sometime today.

Check-In: Well, I’m on Day 24 of Meatless May, with only 7 days left (and counting).

Has it been hard to eliminate meat from my diet? It hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would have been to go meatless. I did allow myself fish, eggs, and dairy products, so that made it a little easier. I still got all my nutrients, had plenty of protein, and hit my calorie ranges.

Have I noticed a difference in my energy? To be honest, I haven’t. Maybe it’s because I allowed myself fish, eggs, and cheese, but I didn’t feel more energetic or less energetic. Or maybe it’s because when I did eat meat (prior to May), I didn’t eat large portions. I kept my meat portion sizes to 3-4 ounces and only ate meat 2 meals a day instead 6-12 ounce portions 3 times a day (like many Americans).

Did I lose weight? No. My weight stayed exactly the same. I did, however, drop body fat % by almost 1% and lost 1/4″ per site in my calves, thighs, hips, waist, biceps, and neck this month. I’m not sure if this is because of eliminating meats or if it’s a result of increasing my strength training; it’s probably a combination of the two.

 What did I miss the most? Chicken on my salad and turkey burgers! It was especially hard while traveling at the beginning of the month, but I made it.

4 responses to “Meatless May Check-In

  1. You’ve done such a good job! I’m impressed! I think I could do this if it were just me but would find it hard because I know there is no way Josh would go without meat. Actually, this week I had 4 meatless dinners instead of just 2 like I normally do and Josh said he was “withering away”. Ha! My primary motivation was to save money on my grocery bill but I felt like it was probably healthier, too. (Although, my meatless dinner last night was Baked Chile Rellenos…guessing that isn’t healthy!)

    • Great job! Yes, Bryan had a few nights that he ate meatless with me, but I usually made something that could be done both ways (like lasagna). The fact that I allowed eggs and fish helped out. We love eating breakfast for dinner. 🙂 It definitely cut down on our grocery bill! So, I’ll probably still do it a few nights a week after May, but not be so strict with it.

  2. In order to get in my proper protein/fat/carb/calorie counts today, I came home after class and had 3 oz. of tuna with 1 Tbsp. mayo and 1/2 Tbsp. pickle relish. It was just what I needed to give me a little boost to finish studying for the night.

  3. Congrats on doing this! I’ve considered going meatless for a week and have done so successfully. I’m not sure if I could do it for a month so I’m extremely impressed with your stamina!

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