Weekend Glimpse

Well, I’ve made it through my first week of classes and full-time work. It’s going to be a busy load, but I’m thankful to have Bryan’s support. He cleaned the bathroom and even went to the grocery store today for me.

Breakfast was blackberry quinoa. Snack was figs with ricotta and honey-cinnamon butter. Lunch was a small bagel with organic cream cheese. It was a long day at work. But I got to look forward to one of my good college buddies coming to stay with us for the weekend! While I anticipated her arrival, I straightened up the house and made a big lasagna. While the lasagna baked, I did the XStretch video in preparation for my first 5K tomorrow!

The lasagna was delicious! I made half with all-natural ground chuck for Bryan and half with veggies for me (organic mushrooms, Vidalia onion, and green pepper and summer squash from Saturday’s market basket). I used 1 jar of Earth Fare’s Organic Portobello Mushroom spaghetti sauce and 1 jar of Muir Glen’s Organic Mushroom Marinara Sauce. For the cheese, I used 1/2 large container fat-free ricotta cheese, salt, pepper, and filled the second 1/2 of the container loosely with freshly grated parmesan cheese, and mixed in 1 all-natural egg.

Dinner’s done. I had some good catch-up time with Meg, though she’s feeling sick and tired after traveling today. šŸ˜¦ Bryan’s friend Josh came over for dessert and now he and Bryan are chatting. Meg is in bed and I am heading to my bed momentarily. I need a good night’s rest before tomorrow’s run. We have to be at the race at 8AM. Start time is 9AM. It should be a fun morning! Bryan’s even coming to cheer me on, even if it rains.

Then I have a couple errands to do and Bryan’s probably helping photograph a wedding. At 2, he and the guys are coming over to watch soccer while my friend April and I address baby shower invites for my cousin! They’re adorable! I can’t wait to see them printed!

Saturday evening I need to study and put my schedule in my daytimer with all my assignments and due dates. Then hopefully I get at least an hour to chill and maybe hang with Meg some more (she has plans all day on Saturday). Then she’s coming to church with us on Sunday a.m. before heading home. Meg was my prayer partner in college. I’ve missed our prayer times.

Well, all, it’s past my bedtime. I’ll let you know how the race goes…even if it’s just a comment on this post. Good night!

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