Meatless Friday: Round 2

Today was supposed to start by meeting at Sticky Fingers (SF) for breakfast, going to the BMW Charity Golf Pro-Am with the sales rep from SF, followed by lunch at SF, and back to the office to set up conference calls. However, there was a slight miscommunication which left me sitting in the parking lot of one SF while the rest of the group met at a second location. Needless to say, I did not get to go to the golf tournament, but that was okay by me. I actually had some things I needed to get done in the office, it was quite a humid day in SC, and I’m one of those people that thinks golf is boring to watch (playing might be another story, but I could care less about meeting some actor/actress, unless they’re from FoodNetwork). Good thing I packed a protein bar and a bag of grapes for a snack. I ended up eating them for breakfast.

As my morning snack, I had 1 oz. of natural tortilla chips along with a bowl of Mexican salad (an organic variation from the Cinco de Mayo recipe, containing black soybeans, green beans, avocado, corn, and salsa). It was pretty tasty.

I still met up with the SF sales rep and 3 other of her clients from a local accounting firm for a business lunch, which was quite enjoyable. I knew eating at SF would be a challenge, since I’m doing the Meatless May thing. But it worked. I ordered a salad and asked for no meat and got a side of mac n cheese. First question out of the guys’ mouths was, “Oh, are you a vegetarian?” I gave a coy smile and said, “Well, for the month of May. It’s an experiment; I’m doing Meatless May.” Then I had to explain about my vegetarian/vegan/raw food friends and that I was testing it out to see if there was validity.

The second question they asked was, “So, have you noticed a difference?” And I answered honestly. I honestly have not noticed a difference in the way I feel, my energy levels, or anything like that. Maybe it’s because when I normally eat meat, I keep it to 3-4 oz. servings, so it’s not as hard on my body? Or maybe it’s because I’m still allowing myself fish, eggs, and dairy? I don’t know. But I haven’t noticed a difference in 2 weeks. The only time I notice a difference in how I feel or energy levels is when I don’t get to exercise for a day or two. But I don’t feel suddenly more energized or anything like that when I don’t eat meat. What I have learned is that being creative with fruits and vegetables is fun (oh, and that I hate tofu). They shared their different experiences with friends with food allergies or voluntary food restrictions. It was an interesting conversation. I was glad to hear that SF caters for vegetarians and vegans (usually salad bar and potato bar), but it’s good. They also have lots of gluten free options and are in the process of eliminating MSG from their sauces and seasonings. Good to hear!

After talking for a bit and sharing some random food facts, their third question was, “Where do you work?!” I think they thought I was in the food industry. They were a little surprised when I told them I was an Administrative Assistant and Travel Coordinator for a Finance firm, until I told them my minor in college was Family & Consumer Sciences with an emphasis in Foods & Nutrition and that I was going back to school to become a personal trainer. Then I got to hear all the friends-who-are-personal-trainers stories. It was pleasant.

It ended up being a low key day at the office. I set up most of the performance calls for next week and took off about 4:15 in the afternoon. I headed straight to the gym and had a pretty good workout. I did one mile on the CrossTrainer elliptical and was taken aback when I couldn’t find Food Network on the TV at that station! Did they cancel cable? I was coming up with all kinds of alternatives to what I would do to be able to watch Giada while I workout! I know, I’m crazy, but the news and Andy Griffith just don’t motivate me to stay on the equipment. So, I switched to the elliptical. Fortunately, Food Network worked on that station’s TV! Phew! I was going to be one sad puppy! So, I did 2 miles on the normal elliptical, then did some weights and pushups before stretching. Then, it was off to date night…

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