Homegrown Lettuce from My First Garden!

This is the biggest platter I own and it's piled high with fresh, homegrown lettuce straight from my first garden!

100% natural, no pesticides, insecticides, or chemicals of any kind…grown with organic cow compost, water and sunlight!

I had my first salad from my first garden tonight! It was great! The garden’s doing pretty well. I was able to give the neighbors a big bag of fresh lettuce and I have 2 big containers of it left in the fridge. I may need to give more away in a couple days! At least the lettuce is doing well. Can we say salad for lunch tomorrow?!

The spinach never took off. A couple of the heads of lettuce died shortly after planting, but I had about 10 heads that just exploded over the weekend (thanks to Jan watering them while I was on my weekend getaway to Ohio). 🙂 The cauliflower has little heads and I can’t wait to harvest and eat that! The broccoli has lots of big leaves, but very little broccoli as of yet. The potatoes are growing like crazy! The herb garden is beautiful and I’m enjoying using it! The cabbage, though…I’m pretty sure Country Boys gave me the wrong plant. It’s a very tall, thin stalk with little yellow flowers on the top. The leaves kind of resemble miniature cabbage leaves, but there’s only about 6 leaves on each tall stem. Very strange. Oh, and the compost pile has sprouted too. Not sure what it’s sprouted, but it’s alive for sure!

3 responses to “Homegrown Lettuce from My First Garden!

  1. adventuresinuncooking

    This is awesome! What a great feeling to eat fresh veggies that you grew YOURSELF… never having done it myself, I can only imagine it must feel and taste excellent.

  2. Wonderful! I would love to eat salad which I grew by myself also.

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