Running: From Beginner to Marathoner

There’s a new brand name that’s part of the Old Navy – Gap line: Athleta! It’s for female athletes and it’s awesome stuff. Pick your clothing based on your sport. Along with the line of clothing, there’s a blog with some great athletic tips here: It has great articles, like the following:

Get a Running Start

by Sage Rountree • Apr 28th, 2009

This article talks about consistency, accountability, and equipment.

Training For a 5K

by Sage Rountree • Sep 22nd, 2008

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Approval From Your Doctor, A Target Race, Good Shoes, etc.


I’ve built a lot of leeway into this 5K plan. If you are already running for fitness, you can run up to five days per week on this schedule. If you are prone to injury, new to running, or enjoy swimming, cycling, Spinning, climbing, rowing, in-line skating, hiking, dancing, or just grinding it out on the elliptical trainer, choose those activities on days cross-training is scheduled. Aim to meet the allotted time for cross-training; you can go over if you’re not going hard or are enjoying a non-impact sport.

If your schedule keeps you busy on the weekends but gives you time during the week, feel free to start on another day. You can also shuffle workouts during the week, but don’t stack two hard days (Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday) back to back.

Be sure to start and end every workout with some easy running to warm up and cool down. Ten minutes is a minimum here. After ten minutes easy, you’ll include harder sections or hills according to the schedule. For example, the instructions for the first run read “Pickups: run 40 min. with 6 x 30 sec. fast, 2 min. easy between.” This means that during your first forty-minute Tuesday run, you’ll do at least ten minutes of running to warm up, then you’ll include six surges, each lasting thirty seconds, with two minutes of easy running between, before finishing with ten or more minutes of cool-down. This plan measures your runs for time, not distance. Aim to complete each workout within five minutes of the suggested time. You’ll be running on feeling, rather than pace or heart rate; this keeps things simple and easy, and it personalizes the plan to how you’re feeling day to day.

I’ve included instructions for yoga and, optionally, Pilates. Yoga and Pilates are both great for increasing your core strength and maintaining your flexibility. A stable core is critical to running. Your core is the anchor of your stride, and being strong through the center keeps you together as you fatigue. Being flexible, with full range of motion around the hip joint and down the legs, prevents many of the overuse issues that plague runners (IT band syndrome, runner’s knee, shin splints).

The schedule suggests yoga routines to match each day’s demands. These are linked to episodes of my podcast, Sage Yoga Training, and I’ve also listed the constituent poses. You can substitute your own favorites as well. You can learn about the poses from any experienced teacher, from my book The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga, or from Yoga Journal’s Pose Finder.

If your target race is more than eight weeks away, you can repeat either of the four-week blocks, or simply build to running the amount of time listed in week 1.

Click here for a PDF of the 8 week 5K training schedule.

Training for a 10K

by Sage Rountree • Jan 5th, 2009

Click here for a PDF of the 8 week 10K training schedule.

Training for a Half Marathon

by Sage Rountree • Apr 6th, 2009

This segment builds upon the 5K and 10K programs. It also gives some good information about Nutrition and Racing.

Click here for a PDF of the 12 week Half Marathon training schedule.

And there’s more where that came from! Follow today!

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