Back from a Mini-Vaca!

We left Friday afternoon for a quick trip to Ohio to see my parents for Mother’s Day and to see my brother in his play, Arsenic & Old Lace at the Fort Findlay Theatre. He did an amazing job as Mortimer Brewster, the charming young nephew of 2 crazy aunts, a crazy uncle, and a crazy brother. It was quite humorous! Here are some pictures from the play:

My parents thought I was a little crazy for doing this Semi-Vegetarian thing for the month of May, but I was able to stick with it during the whole weekend (though Mom’s cooking was quite tempting)! I brought my beet soup and my 7 bean & barley soup with me, to help me keep on track. We added chopped ham to the bean soup for the rest of the family, and Mom and Dad seemed to enjoy both creations! I’d call that a success. It was great to see my grandmothers for Mother’s Day Dinner too! I am so thankful for the heritage God has given me!

The whole time we were up there, it was cold and windy, so running was a futile effort. I did a little exercising on Saturday, but I only got in about 30 minutes. So, after 2 out of 4 days spent cooped up in a car, it felt great to get in a good run tonight. I did a full 3.1 miles (walked about a mile of it total). Only one more session with Girls on the Run, then we get a one week break before the big 5K…just in time for school to start up for me! The girls are doing great! I’m so proud of them for pushing through and learning to love running! They’ve made such progress and have such a better outlook on exercise and nutrition after this season!

It’s my last week of freedom. Next Monday, I start my Certified Personal Trainer course. So, bye-bye to free evenings after this week. I’m predicting date night every night this week. šŸ™‚

One response to “Back from a Mini-Vaca!

  1. adventuresinuncooking

    Good for you for sticking to your goals even amidst tempting foods!! It’s so hard to do, but it sounds like coming prepared with a food plan helped a lot.

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