Happy Tuesday!

I am back on the wagon and more determined than ever to get rid of these last few pounds.

Breakfast was 2 pieces of my homemade sourdough wheat bread with organic peanut butter and organic strawberry conserves and coffee with some Bolthouse Vanilla Chai Protein drink for creamer.

Morning snack was 2 small apples with 1 Tablespoon of almond butter, and a cup of green tea.

At about 2:00, someone brought out a cake for the 3rd birthday of a computer program that was developed here at work. Yes, folks, my life is literally an ongoing episode of The Office! I had one small bite because it looked amazing, but the sugar was overwhelming even in that little bit. So, I had a Zone Protein Bar (double dark chocolate) instead. I couldn’t believe how hungry I was until I went onto SparkPeople to add the protein bar in my calorie count and realized what I had typed in for lunch was still sitting in the fridge! So, I am now eating lunch: leftover Colorful Whole Wheat Pasta Salad (recipe in this past weekend’s posts).

It’s Tuesday, so I’m looking forward to girls on the run tonight! Then I think I’ll do fish, salad, and quinoa for dinner (and maybe some squash if I have time).

Tonight will be more preparation for getting ready to go back to school (classes start May 17!!), and then I think I’ll take a break and read a little. I’ve got 2 books I want to finish before school starts and all mayhem breaks loose.

Happy Tuesday! Enjoy the journey!

One response to “Happy Tuesday!

  1. I’m determined to find a way that Bryan likes squash other than fried. I think I’ll try breading them and baking them instead of frying to see if he’ll go for that.

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