Five Factor Diet by Harley Pasternak

Harley was a scientist who developed exercise plans for the military; more recently, he is known for his training of Hollywood elites. He’s also written three books on diet.

The Five Factor Concepts: Five 5-minute exercise bursts each day and Five Meals a day that take 5 minutes to prepare and only have 5 ingredients.

If you look around the world, most countries are healthier than ours, and they don’t have the access to gyms and nutritionists. What’s the difference? Learning from the world:

Italy: “passeggiata”- after dinner walk; olive oil, beans, fiber, proteins, tomatoes, whole wheat pastas

Japan: gold medal for healthiest country; “Hara hachi bunme” – stop eating when 80% full; very little beef, seafood, healthy fats, whole soy, green tea, seaweed (vegetables from the ocean)

Sweden: fresh milk and dairy products (low fat, high quality), berries, smoked fish; deep, dark rye breads

One response to “Five Factor Diet by Harley Pasternak

  1. This was very interesting. Thanks.

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