Yardwork and Garden Progress

This week has been a work in progress. Almost every night, we worked on the front flower beds. First step was to move the herb garden from the flower beds to the front porch (I think they’ll like a little less direct sunlight). Then we had to weed, plant, and mulch. I planted the blueberry plants on one side of the front porch (hopefully we’ll have a nice hedge of them and be able to pick them from the porch for breakfast in a year or so). They had to planted in a combination of the dirt that was already there, top soil, compost, sand, and peat moss. Then we planted several azaleas, a couple viburnum, and one other bush that I can’t remember the name of. Goal: easy yard maintenance since life is going to become hectic soon. Bryan also trimmed the bushes on the side of the house and mowed the lawn. The garden is coming along quite nicely. Potatoes and Cabbage are sprouting and starting to flower. The lettuce is doing well. The spinach is not doing so well. Maybe it needs to come to the front porch with the herbs. We’ll see. Broccoli and Cauliflower is getting leafy. Can’t wait for it to start shooting up the actual veggie! Here are some pictures…

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