Get a Star-Quality Midriff

Get a star-quality midriff (from
Sarah Wayne Callies demonstrates the yoga boat pose.
By: THW Staff

It’s no accident that actress Sarah Wayne Callies (Prison Break) has the tummy we all want—she is a big fan of yoga. Here are the steps for the core-strengthening boat pose. The key is to build up gradually so you don’t strain your abdominal and back muscles. Take it easy and only do as much as you are comfortable doing; you’ll make more progress moving slowly than you will if you move too quickly and injure yourself.

0. Seat yourself on the floor for a hamstring and toe stretch before and after the pose.

1. Bring your knees towards your body. Place your hands behind your knees, holding your thighs.

2. Lift your heels and point your toes. Rock back gently to balance on your “sit bones” and bring your legs into a horizontal position. If you are new to the pose, you might want to stop here and build up to the more advanced positions.

3. When you feel balanced, remove your hands, leave your arms extended with palms up and hold. Reverse the steps to come back out of the pose.

4. As the last position becomes more comfortable and you feel ready, move to extending your toes towards the ceiling.
5. If you are balanced, remove your hands, keep them extended in front of you, palms up, and hold.

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