Is Microwaving Bad For Your Health?

We’ve all heard horror stories of microwaving in plastic containers making your food toxic, theories of radiation poisoning from microwaves, things exploding in people’s faces or burning hands. And we all know people who think it’s all totally bogus and live on microwave meals. Well, I’m trying to research it and I came across this article that made me think a little:

Personally, we haven’t owned a microwave since spring of 2006, when we got married. It started out because the tiny apartment we began our marital bliss in had such a small kitchen that a microwave would’ve taken over any counter space we had. Those first two years in that tiny apartment, we reheated our food in the oven or on the stove. Turns out, we liked the flavor better. We still used microwaves at work to heat up our lunches, but we had gotten used to conventional methods at home (though I have reduced the power level on the microwave at work to 30% instead of full power after reading the above article).

When we bought our first home, we got asked if we’d like a microwave for a house-warming gift or Christmas present. Our response was “No, thanks.” We did buy a toaster oven (to heat conventionally — and/or convectionally –while saving the electricity bill by not using the full-size oven to reheat dinner for 2). But we still don’t want a microwave. 1. I don’t need anything else on my counters, even though I have room now. 2. I’m not convinced it’s safe for the food…and thus for me, and 3. It’s just kind of a stubborn streak in me — people think I’ll fold and I’m determined not to. They say I’ll break when I have kids, but I’m not so sure. If I don’t like it for me, why would I put my kid through it? Anyway…

I want to know what you think. So, post a comment and feel free to give me websites or articles to check out. Thanks!

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