Small Successes Are Still Successes!

A while back, a few of my coworkers and I started a weekly weigh in. It wasn’t designed as a Biggest Loser competition or anything. It was just to help each of us track our own bodies to improve them or maintain. The closer I get to my goal weight, the slower the weight comes off. After several weeks of only seeing a little come off (or no change), I decided to take a little break from the weekly weigh in.

After taking a month off from the scale, I got on today and pleasantly found that I was two pounds lighter than the last time I had weighed! Success 1!

Also, instead of just weighing on a scale, I also take measurements of six body points: neck, chest, waist, hips, thighs, and calves. I average the biceps, thighs and calves and count them each as one measurement. You might not realize it, but usually there is a dominant side of your body that is stronger and a tiny bit larger than the other side. I’ve lost two inches overall in the past month as well! Success 2!

And finally, we had a wedding shower at work today and they served my favorite cake: Brick Street Cafe’s Sweet Potato Cake. I chose a small handful of nuts and had NO cake! Success 3!

It’s the little successes that add up! I’d love to hear about your little successes. If you’ve had one recently, please comment on this post and share it with us!

3 responses to “Small Successes Are Still Successes!

  1. WTG on all your successes! I would not call them small. Keep it up.
    Happy running,

  2. adventuresinuncooking

    WOW that is a big success to turn down a favorite cake!! A little success I had this week was, yesterday a co-worker left and we had a little going-away party with pizza and oreo cake. I do sometimes like to treat myself to a slice of pizza but that day I knew that I didn’t want to feel lousy for the rest of the day, so I stayed to socialize but didn’t have any pizza or cake. When I got home I rewarded myself with a honey-based treat instead. Yay!

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